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FPBC is the North Country’s preeminent fishing show.  Kev Jackson talks with the area’s (and the nation’s) best anglers to bring you the most and best fishing information, as well as complete coverage of the area’s biggest fishing events and key issues facing angling and anglers.



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Q: The longest standing world fishing record is well over a century old, going back to 1865 and was set in the U.S...the world record...what?


A: Yellow Perch! Weighing in at 4lb 3oz, caught by Dr. C.C. Abbott in Bordentown, NJ. May 1865

Congratulations to this week's winners!
Jay McDougal & May Lou Miller both of Bemidji


Weekly Features

FPBC Trivia - Mondays at 12:35 on KB101 & 12:40 on KBUN-FM

Be the right caller on the “Fishin’ Line” with the right answer and win the FPBC Prize Package with a ton of prizes including the exclusive “Paul Bunyan Country’s Most Wanted” T-shirts from Thunderbird Graphics.  You can only win once per year…but you can learn all season long!

Ask The Aquatic Biologist - Mondays

Kev asks Dr. Andrew Hafs, Bemidji State University Aquatic Biologist, questions about fish and fishing.  In addition to Kev’s questions, Andy had his students put together a list of questions they have about fish.  Everything…and probably more…that you ever wanted to know about fish.

Lake of the Week - Thursdays

Kev scours the maps for those hidden gems throughout Paul Bunyan Country then gets all the information from the many outstanding professionals in the area DNR Fisheries offices.  You’ll have heard of some, but probably not most.  One thing all of these lakes have in common…they have fish in them!

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Guides & Fishing Tips

5/22: Al Maas - Leech Lake Fishing

5/19: Carl Adams (Update), Jo Clayton (Take A Kid Fishing) Jason Boser (Adjusting Temps)

5/23: Chris Haley - Bass Masters College Bass
Championship Coming to Bemidji

5/17: Bro Brosdahl & Ryan Buddie
on Early Season Walleye

5/16: Mike Frisch - Fishin The Midwest Radio & Jason Durham - Park Rapids Area Update

5/18: PBCO Special! Forest Trails in Paul Bunyan & Centennial Forests

5/12: Duane Peterson & Jamie Elting, Opener Preview

5/11: Cold Front Kurre - Governor's Fishing Opener

5/15: Gary Newell - Eagles Walleye Tourney & Toby Kvalevog - Opener Report

5/9:   Phil Talmage - Lake of the Woods Preview

5/8:  Jerry Albert - Lake Winni Preview

5/10: Gary Barnard - Red Lake Preview

5/4:  Mike Frisch - Early Season Panfish

5/3:  Henry Drewes - State of the Fishery
Preview (part 2)

5/5:  Doug Schultz - Leech Lake Preview

Lake of the Week

Lake of the Week: Puposky Lake

Lake of the Week: Blue Lake

Lake of the Week: Minerva

Ask the Aquatic Biologist

"How do lakes with no inlet or outlet get fish?"

"Why can't we throw bait in the lake?"

"What are some top reasons for fish death?"

Meet The League of Extraordinary Anglers

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The School of Fish

All Star Walleye School

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